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Emergency Towing Service and More

Flat tires, dead batteries and low fuel can happen at the least convenient times. Whatever issue is preventing you from reaching your destination, Rusko’s Service Center is there for you in any situation. We offer fast and affordable towing services to get you back on the road as soon as possible. No matter your load or vehicle size, we do it all.

Vehicles of All Sizes

Many towing companies are unable to handle the challenges that accompany the towing of large commercial vehicles. Rusko’s Service Center specializes in towing tractor-trailers and the heaviest-duty vehicles. We not only tow large vehicles, but we also have developed expertise in the towing of oversized rigs, especially semitrailers. We are fully prepared with the right tools, experience, and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. 
Whether your rig has broken down or overturned with heavy cargo inside, we’ll come to your assistance in no time. There’s no job too big or complex for our highly trained drivers.
Vehicles of All Sizes

Top-Notch Trucks and Equipment

In order to give you the most reliable service, we invest in the best equipment out there to get your tow done as efficiently as possible. All of our trucks and other machinery undergo regular maintenance and checks, so they will function as needed whenever we need them most.

Emergency Roadside Service

Our towing professionals are also there for you in emergencies. Count on us seven days a week to be at your side with prompt, reliable, and affordable services for even the most demanding of situations. Our reputation for outstanding emergency roadside towing service has won over thousands of people in need. Our customers have learned to trust us and even recommend us to their loved ones, friends, and contractors.

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For more information regarding our services, call us today. We are happy to extend a helping hand to you when you need us most.
“My car broke down last week and I called Rusko's towing the driver came out withen 10 minutes and was super nice. Pricing was great compared to a few other company's I called.” — Rachel S.
Emergency Towing Service
Light Duty Towing And Recovery
• Towing local and long distance
• Fleet/Commercial accounts welcome
• Municipal accounts 
• Flatbed trucks
• Wheel lift trucks
• Accidents
• Inside/outside storage
• Fuel delivery 
• Winch-outs 
• Lock out service
• Jump start
• Tire changes
• Extended cab trucks to transport your family safely
• Low clearance trucks for parking garages and low areas
• Exotic/classic vehicle

• Motorcycles
• Forklifts 
• Containers
• Canadian Services
Medium Duty Towing And Recovery
• Towing local and long distance
• Fleet/Commercial accounts welcome 
• Municipal accounts
• Inside/outside storage
• Trucks pulling trailers 
• Lock-out/Jump start
• Fuel delivery 
• RV, 5th wheel Trailers, and smaller buses
• Step-vans
• Forklift and equipment hauling
• Winch out services
• Canadian services​
Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery
• Towing local and long distance
• Fleet/Commercial accounts welcome 
• Municipal accounts 
• Inside/outside storage
• Tractor swaps
• Lock-out/Jump Start
• Fuel delivery 
• Winch outs
• Recovery and rollover jobs
• Water recovery
• Split/broken trailers
• Accidents
• Rollovers
• Down trailers
• Decking or un-decking of trucks or trailers
• Stacking/un-stacking containers
• Buses/RV towing and recovery
• Coil recovery/shifts/lifts
• Lost loads
• Loads shifts 
• Trans loads
• Re-Stack or reload. 
• Shrink wrap
• Banding