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Work With a Towing Company to Recover Your Vehicle After a Minor Accident

Towing A Car
Winter weather can make the roads slippery, and snow can come on very quickly in many parts of the country. Sliding off the road in your car or truck often means calling a tow truck to get the vehicle out of the snow. Even if the vehicle has no damage, you need to do these things after the accident.

Report the Accident

After even a minor accident, you need to call the local police and report what the incident to them. The police may not even need to send someone out if you have no injuries or minimal damage. But reporting the accident lets authorities know about the problematic road conditions along that section of the road.

Call a Tow Company

Once everyone is safely out of the vehicle, you need to find a local towing company to help you recover the car from the snow. The tow company will need to know where the car is, so get a mile marker number or some landmark that the driver can use to find you.
The towing company might ask a lot of questions so they know what equipment they need and how many people they may need on the scene.
The tow company will give you a price to come out and help get the car out, so you need to prepare for that. Make sure that they can take your credit card if that is how you plan to pay for the tow or find an ATM nearby while you wait for them.

Be Safe While Waiting

Stay safe while you wait for the tow truck to arrive.
If you can stay in the car safely, do so. If the vehicle is not safe to stay in, seek out a warm place nearby and let the tow company know where you are waiting. If an open business is nearby, that is an excellent place to stay warm and be safe, especially if you are out late at night. If you have road flares or safety triangles, put them out so other drivers use caution in the area of your accident.
The tow company may send the tow driver to meet you before going to the car so that they can clarify all the details. You might want to go back to the car with the tow truck driver so that, once the car is out, you can check it for damage.

Discuss the Options

When the truck arrives, the operator will look over the situation and figure out the best way to get the car out. If you are concerned about damage to the car, talk to the operator before they start working so they can explain the process and tell you what the plan is.
Most operators are more than happy to talk with you about how they will get the car out and do not want to damage the car in the process of recovering it. 
The operator has most likely done many recovery jobs on snow-covered highways. Stand back and let them work to get the car out. Once the car is out of the snow, you can look it over and see if the car needs towing or if it is still drivable in its current condition. 
Rusko's Service Center happily serves the Dearborn, Wayne County, and Southeastern Michigan areas. We are recovery and towing specialists and can help you if you need a tow, are stuck in the snow or mud, or are broken down along the road. Give us a call today, and we will get a truck out to you right away. 


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