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Have Your Car Towed During a Long-Distance Move

Unloading A Moving Truck
When you're moving within the 48 contiguous United States, transporting your belongings by road is usually the best option regardless of the amount of distance between your current house and final destination. Moving certain items by ground for long distances, however, can be difficult.
For many homeowners, vehicles can present particularly tricky transportation challenges during a move, especially when the household has several personal vehicles and any additional recreational vehicles. In this situation, you have to determine how best to get your moving truck and your truck, car, SUV, boat, or RV to your new home.
Long-haul towing services can provide you with the perfect solution to this dilemma. In this blog, we provide you with the information you need to decide if towing is the right choice for moving with your vehicle.

Consider Having Your Car Towed

When you consider your options to get your car from one distant location to another, the most obvious solution is to simply drive the vehicle from point A to point B. However, long-distance drives are a massive investment.
This option puts wear and tear on the vehicle, can delay your move, incurs fuel costs, and could result in vehicle damage. Additionally, you may not have the option to spend that long in the car yourself, which may mean you need to hire a professional driver or entrust your personal vehicle to a friend or family member.
Many homeowners think that if driving the distance isn't practical, they should consider selling the car instead. While resale is an option, towing creates less hassle and is more cost-effective than you may assume since it doesn't come with the extra costs of physically driving the vehicle cross country.

Find the Right Towing Company

Once you decide that you want to ship your vehicle to your new home rather than driving it alongside the moving truck or leaving it behind, you must decide on the hauler who will handle transportation. Some moving companies offer this service, but many do not due to the additional liability involved.
Instead, partner with a reputable towing company that performs long hauls. As you consider prospective towing companies, ask about the services offered, estimated costs, and business reputation.

Prepare Your Car for Long-Haul Towing

Like your other possessions, your vehicle requires preparation before you can load it onto a trailer and ship it to your new home. Before you sign any contract, check that all of your ownership and insurance paperwork is in order. This time is also your opportunity to discuss how your auto policy applies to towing with an insurance professional.
Before your moving date, clean your car out completely, including deep cleaning tasks like vacuuming the carpet and seats. This step reduces the risk of personal items or potentially damaging substances staying in the car during your trip.
Schedule a routine inspection for your vehicle. This service visit should include all currently needed and past-due maintenance steps to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition before towing. Let your mechanic know that the vehicle will be towed soon. Towing inspections may include additional steps like tire checks.
Research whether you will need to perform additional steps to get your car roadworthy in your destination state, such as completing an emissions test.
As you approach an upcoming move, consider whether long-haul towing services can simplify the moving process, protect your vehicle, and provide you with peace of mind on the road ahead. Work with your mechanic, mover, and towing company to ensure your vehicle or vehicles arrive ready for their next drive.
For comprehensive towing services, including long-distance hauls, trust the experts at Rusko's Service Center.


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